CYS Partnership

cys-logoCYS, founded in 2003, and Aufait Yacht Joiners, founded in 2006, have recently decided to combine their skills and expertise, to form a highly proficient Shipwright and Yacht Joinery Service to the Marine Industry.

The alliance of our two businesses, will result in an increased breadth and depth of knowledge, consequently, enabling us to meet our clients needs efficiently and effectively in all areas. Although retaining our independence as businesses, our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our existing and new clients, providing top quality in both a Shipwright and Furniture Manufacturing capacity with only one port of call.

Daniel Hobbs, Managing Director of CYS, is a highly qualified Shipwright, having served his 4 year apprenticeship in boat building yards in the UK and worked on both classic and modern yachts for over 20 years. He has also spent significant time as yacht crew, thus, gaining an incite into the operational aspects of our clients requirements.

David Marrs, Managing Director of Aufait, also served his 4 year apprenticeship as a Yacht Joiner, in the UK, at Brooke Marine, Suffolk. Once again with over 20 years experience, he has worked with top designers and on many prestigious projects in the yachting industry. He has worked for a variety of yacht building and refit companies including Ashby Horner, C&C Designs, and Rinklack Van Endert, now Metrica.

Both Daniel and David have lived and worked in Mallorca for a considerable amount of time, and are very familiar with the island. Not only are they good friends, in addition, they have worked together on past projects with substantial success.

Their cumulative talent, passion for yachts and innate attention to detail will ensure that all projects, no matter how large or small, will be carried out with professionalism, talent, creativity, care and attention.

We have also enlisted the support of a local finishing company, to ensure the quality is maintained throughout the projects we undertake.