Our Values

Our Mission Statement

To inspire a sense of well-being, through style, quality and practicality



Inspiration is multi-dimensional, it is derived from our pride and passion for what we create and our customers taking pleasure in what we produce.  The combination of these is what makes us work:  the whole being better than the sum of the parts.



Style is paramount when creating luxury furniture: the design has a fundamental impact on the overall look being fashioned.  It has to reflect personality, environment, space, location and aspiration.  Understanding your dream is the first step to creating stylish furniture.



Everything we do, from the transformation of an idea through design to completed commission is undertaken with quality in mind.  Using superior quality materials, our talented craftsmen produce furniture that is a functional work of art.  Our guiding principles are excellence, detail and perfection in every stage of the manufacturing process.

knife Practicality

Furniture is made to be used, therefore we craft furniture that feels as beautiful as it is to observe.  A sense of overall well-being is at the heart of our business.