The Team

David Marrs MD

Owner and Managing Director

I aspire every day to make the most luxurious bespoke furniture for homes, hotels and yachts.  Creating something of beauty, an exclusive piece of unique design and superlative quality is everything I know.

Dave Marrs’ 30 year career in luxury bespoke cabinet making has fuelled his passion for creating furniture and heightened his eye for design and craftsmanship.  His firm belief is that furniture should be a practical piece of art.

Since setting up Aufait SL with Louise Cook in 2006, Dave has designed and created luxury bespoke furniture for hotels, private commissions and yachts.

His ethos stems from passion and pride in what he does, coupled with an artistic talent to interpret what will look exquisite within the contextual environment, and with the client at the forefront of the concept.

Today, Dave designs and manufactures luxury bespoke pieces of furniture that are both functional and a beautiful work of art in equal measure.


Louise Cook FD

Owner and Financial Director

My professional aspiration is for those seeking ultimate luxury to commission our exclusive designs…. Aufait is a name synonymous with unique bespoke furniture.

Following graduation from university, Louise embarked on a career as a Human Resources Manager in the tough industry of Brewery Retail.  This gave her the knowledge and expertise to manage a business.

In 2006, Louise set up Aufait SL with David Marrs, bringing her corporate skills to the business, which gave Aufait a solid foundation.  Her sound business skills and a broad understanding of the manufacturing process has made the Marrs/Cook partnership a formidable team to be reckoned with.

Together, Louise and Dave’s vision is to strive for perfection with meticulous attention to detail.  Their shared ethos and aspiration is to create bespoke furniture of unrivalled luxury.

Our Employees

Aufait’s employees are either highly experienced carpenters, joiners and cabinet-makers, or they are personally trained to meet the exacting standards required for the Superyacht and Furnishing Industry.