Commercial Furniture Manufacture & Refit

Whether an office, retail outlet or hotel, first impressions are of the utmost importance to your clients.   Good service is vital, and so too are the surroundings.  The impact of the entrance to your premises, can set the emotional tone for a client and can affect the perception of their experience.  In addition, the layout and furniture are serious considerations for top quality commercial and business ambiente, as clients browse your store, discuss their business, or spend a few nights away from it all.

Relaxing on a customised bed, or drinking tea on a cocktail table, made from the finest materials, can be achieved by us, working along side our clients to set the correct tone for their hotel.

Shopping in a retail store, where everything is impeccably displayed, makes the experience easy, and therefore encourages customers to browse and find exactly what they want, whilst remaining relaxed. Stressfree retail therapy is a must, in my opinion!  We can help you achieve this with our purpose built display cabinets, shelving and any other requirements, to create the ultimate shopping experience.

Every meeting is important, so creating an atmosphere, where clients feel comfortable and confident, will inevitably produce the optimum results.  Whether it is a new chair, desk, filing system, or a refurbishment, we can achieve this.

In essence, a re-style, a totally new look, or individual items to enhance your business environment, can all be manufactured by us, along with removing the old, and fitting the new elements can all be completed by us.