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Aufait SL is one of the leading Yacht and Superyacht Joiners, Carpenters and Cabinet-Makers in Palma, Mallorca.  Established over 15 years ago, Aufait offers a range of products and services for yacht interiors and exteriors, within the Marine Industry.

Our Services

We specialise in the manufacture of fine furniture for both interiors and exteriors, as well as high-end refits and alterations to all areas of superyachts.  We tailor our work to suit our clients needs, working together to deliver a unique product and service.

The furniture manufacturing process can vary from start to finish: working from plans, or creating our own designs, through to the production phase, in our fully equipped workshop, to the finished product, which is fitted on board.

If a refit is required, we will dismantle carefully the existing items, ensuring we can retain those being re-used, if appropriate, make good the area for the new items, manufacture these in our workshop and fit them once completed.

We also work with more unusual requests, resulting in innovative designs for projects such a guitar mounts and plant pot holders.

Often on yachts, space is a premium commodity, and finding the right fit with the desired effect is paramount, without compromising the overall look and design.  We strongly focus on this aspect to ensure that everything marries together to produce optimum symmetry.

In our experience, whether it is a room to be re-vamped, or completely altered, a centre piece dining table either exterior or interior, a sliding chopping board for the galley or a bar for the spa area, we treat every project with the same care and attention, maintaining the highest quality manufacturing process and using the best and most suitable materials we can source worldwide.

In brief




Our company

Our Formula

Aufait guarantees that all work carried out is designed and implemented with practicality, durability, functionality, and not least importantly aesthetics, at the forefront of all projects.

Our Manufacturing Process

All products and services are hand-made to order, using skilled craftsmanship, which takes time. Prices are therefore based on the time taken to produce a bespoke item, as well as the choice of material. There are no production lines.

It is important to highlight that the use of natural wood means that there are natural variations in the overall appearance of the finished product. Trees do not grow to a specification, therefore the overall appearance is not uniform. This is what makes it special, adding character and depth to the final product. 
The use of synthetic material results in a more homogeneous appearance, which can look equally as stunning. Combining both wood and synthetic material, can produce spectacular results.

Our materials

All materials are sourced from reliable suppliers, who have been tried and tested over the last 15 years.

Solid Woods and Veneers are only purchased from suppliers who are committed to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of our natural resources. They must care as much as we do about the environment, and either have the correct certification, or carry out stringent checks of their sources.

Synthetic materials are only sourced from registered suppliers of the specific material.


We have an incredible amount of talent and skill within our team, each with their individual strengths, and all of which complement each other, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.  Our overriding ethos is quality, and each member of our team applies their extensive knowledge to deliver the highest standards, as expected from our customers.  We all come from different backgrounds and have learned our trades from a diverse range of experienced individuals, in the many aspects of the carpentry, cabinet-making, and joinery, particularly within the boat industry.  Therefore, we can apply our knowledge and adapt it to any situation.  One of our main attributes is that we never stand still, continually updating our methods and finding innovative ways to achieve the desired result, without losing the integrity of the project.

Our Employees

Aufait’s employees are either highly experienced carpenters, joiners and cabinet-makers, or they are personally trained to meet the exacting standards required for the Superyacht and Furnishing Industry.

Our mission

Our main values are to inspire a sense of well-being, through style, quality and practicality.

Inspiration is multi-dimensional, it is derived from our pride and passion for what we create and our customers taking pleasure in what we produce. The combination of these is what makes us work:  the whole being better than the sum of the parts.

Style is paramount when creating luxury furniture: the design has a fundamental impact on the overall look being fashioned.  It has to reflect personality, environment, space, location and aspiration. Understanding your dream is the first step to creating stylish furniture.
Everything we do, from the transformation of an idea through design to completed commission is undertaken with quality in mind.  Using superior quality materials, our talented craftsmen produce furniture that is a functional work of art.

Our guiding principles are excellence, detail and perfection in every stage of the manufacturing process. Furniture is made to be used, therefore we craft furniture that feels as beautiful as it is to observe.  A sense of overall well-being is at the heart of our business.


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